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Phebe Benevolent Foundation (Phebe Foundation) is a registered NGO that seeks to create a more benevolent and kinder society.  We work to deliver charitable projects primarily in low-income and disadvantaged communities within the Abeokuta area of Ogun State in south-west Nigeria. 

Many of the people living in the communities that we operate in are already poor or disadvantaged; so are often at greater risk of falling into poverty and hardship.  In a society where there are limited social welfare benefits, our intervention projects and activities provide an additional source of support and can contribute towards breaking the poverty cycle.  Click here for information about our current projects and activities


Our response to Covid-19 pandemic

Position Statement

Covid-19, the Coronavirus pandemic has redefined our world and local communities. 2020 has become a reference point for future generations to explain the ‘new normal’

Prior to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Phebe Foundation was already working with partners to identify and assist the most vulnerable in our local community, in times of personal or financial crisis. We never expected that this would be a major agenda for Nigeria and other world governments in 2020.  Covid-19 has made it compulsory for governments to identify the poor and vulnerable in our society, to provide palliatives and other social welfare support.  It has been an overwhelming task for most nations but out of it is emerging a new demand by all citizens – which is that we become a more caring society, where the poor and vulnerable are taken care of adequately.   We now have unfamiliar terminologies becoming common language i.e., lockdown,  social distancing, palliatives, social register, daily-income trader, poverty index, Pandemic New Poor, etc.

The responses of individuals, businesses, civil societies, charities, our leaders, and governments has been amazing and inspiring.  We saw, heard, and read of so many wonderful actions to support the poor and vulnerable during the various lockdowns.

Phebe Foundation as an NGO in Ogun State also responded to Covid-19 with financial support and food distribution during the lockdown in the State; doing this though our locally based Trustees and supporting local resident-led initiatives with funding.  As the late Koffi Annan said… ‘We can make our own little contribution and collectively we will make a great impact’.

The next few years will require us all to identify and do more for the poor and most vulnerable in our society. Phebe Foundation remains fully committed to this aim. With the help of our Trustees and partners, we will also seek to do more as we look to new ways and partnerships to help our targeted communities bounce back from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.



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